How to join us


For general information:

Please phone Roger (our Chair) on 07799 004 359.

To join the choir:

We have vacancies for singers in all parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), and would be delighted to invite any interested prospective members to visit and sing with us for a rehearsal.

To sing with the Camden Choir, you must be able to read music, and you will find it much easier if you can do some sight-reading. You will be most welcome to attend a couple of rehearsals as a guest to see if you wish to join us. If – hopefully! – you do, you will need to take a short voice test. You won’t need to prepare anything for this. If you pass, the subscription is £60 per term or £170 for the year, but please note that to purchase or hire music for a concert is an additional cost.

Please contact Sue (Recruitment Secretary) on 07906 873 330 or by email for further details.